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4ngle Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. is a Software Service Provider, based in Bangalore, Karnataka - INDIA. 4ngle was established in 2012 for Mechanical and Metal Casting Industries. A journey starts when a group of like-minded people come together. We are a team with vast experience in Information Technology and Mechanical Industries like Metal casting organisations, popularly known as Foundries. Founded as a traditional ERP support consulting services business, in 2014, 4ngle transitioned into one of the first fully dedicated Enterprise Software Services and Consulting firm. We recognize the importance of new technology initiatives and services. 4ngle solutions allow client to flatter the technology spending, and focus on growing their own businesses rather than running a computer network. We are now expanding our service based into the module of Complete Solution Provider.

4ngle offers, world class Enterprise Business Solutions, Services and Support to help you run your operations smoothly and effectively. We provide feature-rich, technology-rich solutions based on deep knowledge of the industry. Our solutions are web based; they integrate well with your processes. Above all, they are designed to help increase your PROFITABILITY. 4ngle offers you a one-stop solution to streamline the Management Effectiveness of Manufacturing and Metal Casting Processes.

In today’s world, with markets changing significantly, many challenges remain consistent across almost all industries. Demand for energy, particularly from emerging economies, continues to increase and regulatory requirements are increasing as safety considerations remain paramount. The need to act responsibly and sustainably continues to be a priority and focus remains on improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact by establishing ourselves as Eco-friendly as possible. 4ngle develops and applies advanced technologies that enable the global manufacturing and metal casting facilities to operate safely, in an economically efficient and an eco friendly environment, by offering a complete paper-less, robust and a high quality software solution at your fingertips..

4ngle Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd.

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